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Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting

SEPTEMBER 2020 Intake – Online Application Opening Soon:

The next intake for the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship is September 2020.

The online application will be available early March 2020.

Prestigious employers in practice, industry and public sector will be hiring!

Interested school leavers, graduates, mature learners and existing employees looking to start a career in accounting should consider applying.

We would encourage you to register your interest meanwhile by contacting 01 6498191 or email

It is recommended that you read further information below about the programme, recruitment process and for advice about completing the online application before you apply.

Programme Overview:

In advance of completing an application for the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship it is important to understand the commitment you will need to provide to this programme.

The duration of this programme is two years from programme commencement date. You should be able to commit to completing the programme syllabus while working in full-time employment over the two years.

For the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Programme an apprentice will be attending (off-the-job training) at college one day and working with an employer four days during college term time (on the job training) on a weekly basis.

The (off-the-job training) day is set by the college and will be a Monday from 9:00am to 6.00pm. An employer will allocate appropriate work hours for the four days (on-the-job training) during the academic year and for the full week outside the academic term required to be completed by the apprentice for the programme and their employment contract.

Additional home study in the evenings or at weekends will be needed to ensure success in the programme.

Apprentices will have support from a college mentor and their workplace mentor throughout the two years.

What will you be working towards as an Apprentice?

Occupational Profile

Apprenticeship Title:
Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

NFQ Level:
Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting

Minimum 2 years

Typical Tasks / Responsibilities:

Why are you selecting this programme and accounting as a career choice?

It is also important to consider why you are personally interested in this programme, and what is it about accounting that appeals to you as a career choice!

Successful graduates of the apprenticeship programme may then progress on to full Accountancy with Chartered Accountants Ireland or one of the other professional accountancy bodies.

Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Career Pathway

What do we want from you?

Watch Sophie’s story:

When she finished her Leaving Certificate, Accounting Technician Apprentice Sophie Ellis got a job with Grant Thornton, a leading professional services company as an Accounting Technician Apprentice.

Watch this video to find out why she decided to apply, how she got the job and how she’s getting on!

Sophie Ellis, Accounting Technician Apprentice

Testimonials from current apprentices:

Katie Haverty – National Gallery of Ireland – Dublin 

‘I applied as I had a huge interest in accounting but I wanted to get the on the job training experience as well as the learning in college. It gave me an understanding of what my career is going to be like as an accountant whereas if I went and done a four year degree in a university I wouldn’t be able to gain the workplace knowledge and experience. An applicant should apply as it is a brilliant opportunity you get to work and study while being paid and you don’t have to pick up a part time job as you would need to if you studied full time. It’s great getting all your classes done in one day also as you are more focused rather than spacing the classes out over a week.

While I was in university I would have only one hour classes on some days this would be a pain as you lose interest and essentially stop traveling 4 hours a day just for one class. Fitting all your classes into one day is perfect. It’s important to know when applying that this course requires your full dedication and time. It’s only 30 weeks a year so try your best to go to every class. It is also important to know that this course is very rewarding and don’t panic if you don’t get a place in a work environment straight away as I was waiting months for a place after numerous interviews and now I couldn’t be happier.

When starting the programme you should expect hard work from day one but as soon as you start making friends and sharing your information it will get easier. Your friends in college will be a huge help to you and you can support and help each other. The benefits are that you get paid for a 5 day week, you get 3 weeks study leave, SOLAS fund the whole course, you get to work and study at the same time and get the weekends off. The personal benefits are that you gain knowledge of all aspects of a company from the accounts side to the business side etc. I am really enjoying the course and I can’t wait to see how I progress in the next few weeks.’

Jacqueline Lorimer – Crowleys DFK – Cork

‘I have always been interested in accounts but never had the opportunity to study due to work commitments. While contemplating my future I came across Accounting Technicians Apprenticeship programme online. It was perfect for me as I was able to attend classes and work in an environment which I could put what I learnt in class into practice. I was surrounded by colleagues who could help me if I had extra questions and lead me in the right direction. It is a major benefit having the chance to put what you learnt into practice right away. An important aspect to remember is to keep up with the course work, participate in the classes, do the homework and ask as many questions as you need to in order to understand the work. It is hard work and if you put in the time and effort you will succeed. Study with the ATI apprenticeship has let me follow my passion and lead me into the career I want.’

Michelle Durney – Black Raven Credit Union – Wicklow 

‘Whether you are starting out your career after secondary school or embarking on a career change the Accounting Technician’s Ireland Apprenticeship programme presents a fantastic opportunity to enter the field of accountancy and finance. As I am someone who was keen on a career change the programme has given me the opportunity to work and study at the same time. The programme itself involves consistency, hard work and dedication right from the very start. It is already starting to show the benefits as personally I have learned so much and gained valuable experience since starting the course in September 2018.’

Eligibility guide and application tips – 2020 intake:

Format of Application:

1: Personal Details

Please provide up to date contact details that ATI and employers can reach you on.

You will be required to upload a copy of your birth cert or passport.

2: Education Details

Please provide relevant qualifications in chronological order, including grades or overall result where completed.

If a course hasn’t been completed it is recommended that this is outlined in your application and that a reason is provided as to why it wasn’t if you are not currently completing.

You will be required to upload copies of relevant educational transcripts. For example where applicable:

(Please note if you have completed a non-EEA qualification you will need to provide a comparability statement from QQI which you can access here)

3: Work Experience

Make sure you list your three most-recent jobs, starting with your current or last role.

Any accounting duties that you have performed should be detailed – but are not a prerequisite for this programme!

You will be able to upload a copy of your CV to provide further details on your work history.

4: Programme understanding and motivation

You’ll be asked three questions so that we can gain an understanding of your knowledge of the programme, your interest in accounting and your motivation to become an Accounting Technician.

Be sure to carefully consider your answers here, and make sure they stand out, as this could influence an employer’s decision to call you for an interview!

5: Data Protection Statement and Signature

You must complete this section so that personal data you provide on your application may be processed and so ATI, Employers and all need-to-know parties for the programme can follow up with you as required.