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Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting

Applications open early February, 2018.

Programme Overview

Before progressing to completing an application for the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship it is important to understand the commitment you will need to provide to this programme.

The duration of this programme is two years from programme commencement date in September 2018. You should be able to commit to completing the programme syllabus while working in full-time employment over the two years.

For the Accounting Technician Apprenticeship Programme an apprentice will be attending (off-the-job training) at college one day and working with an employer four days during college term time (on the job training) on a weekly basis. Outside of college term an apprentice will attend work five days a week.

The (off-the-job training) day is set by the college but usually will be a Monday from 9:00am to 6.00pm and an employer will allocate appropriate work hours for the four days (on-the-job training) not exceeding the 37.5 hours per week (on and off the job training) required to be completed by the apprentice for the programme and their employment contract.

Additional home study will be needed to ensure success in the programme.

For the first year in college, the Stage 1 modules you will be studying are:

For the second year in college, the Stage 2 modules you will be studying are:

What will you be working towards?

Apprenticeship Title:
Accounting Technician Apprenticeship

NFQ Level:
Level 6 Advanced Certificate in Accounting

Minimum 2 years

Typical Tasks / Responsibilities:

Why are you selecting this programme and accounting as a career choice?

It is also important to consider why you are personally interested in this programme, and what is it about accounting that appeals to you as a career choice!

Check out the career pathway below:

What do we want from you?

Recruitment Phases

Please download and read this document

Eligibility guide and application tips

Please download and read this document

Apply now!

Sections for completion in the application and required documents to upload are:

Section 1: Personal Details

Please provide up to date contact details that ATI and employers can reach you on.

You will be required to upload a copy of your birth cert or passport.

Section 2: Education Details

Please provide relevant qualifications in chronological order, including grades or overall result where completed.

Make sure to provide your mock results points total and grades if completing Leaving Certificate this year.

If a course hasn’t been completed it is recommended that this is outlined in your application and that a reason is provided as to why it wasn’t if you are not currently completing.

You will be required to upload copies of relevant educational transcripts. For example where applicable:

(Please note if you have completed a non EEA qualification you will need to provide a comparability statement from QQI.)

Section 3: Work Experience

Make sure you list your three most-recent jobs, starting with your current or last role.

Any accounting duties that you have performed should be detailed – but are not a prerequisite for this programme!

Section 4: Declaration of Interest

Be sure to provide a statement showcasing your reasons for wanting to complete the programme and your interest in accounting.

Ensure your statement stands out as employers will be reviewing this, and this will most likely be the difference between being called for an interview and not being called!

Section 5: Data Protection Statement and Signature

You must complete this section so that personal data you provide on your application may be processed and so ATI, Employers and all need-to-know parties for the programme can follow up with you as required.

Proceed to complete online application via CRM (From early February, 2018)